At Stack Shipping, we understand that customs formalities are an essential part of international shipments. Proper handling of customs formalities is crucial to ensure smooth customs clearance and seamless transportation of your goods. We provide expert guidance and support in all aspects of customs formalities, allowing you to focus on your core activities while we handle the complex customs process for you.

Experienced Customs Specialists

At Stack Shipping, we have experienced customs specialists who are well-versed in local and international customs laws, regulations, and procedures. They possess in-depth knowledge of customs codes, rates, and permits, and they ensure that your shipments comply with all requirements and restrictions. Our customs specialists will guide you step by step through the customs process and ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared and submitted correctly and in a timely manner.

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Customs Documentation and Compliance

Filing the correct customs documentation is crucial to avoid delays and potential penalties. Our customs specialists assist you in preparing and submitting all necessary customs documents, such as import declarations, export declarations, certificates of origin, and customs permits. They ensure that your documentation is complete and accurate, in compliance with applicable customs laws and regulations. By adhering to customs requirements, we minimize the risk of delays and ensure an efficient customs process.

Tariffs, Duties, and Taxes

International shipments may be subject to tariffs, duties, and taxes. Our customs specialists have detailed knowledge of the different tariff structures and tax regimes in various countries. They provide guidance on the applicable tariffs and taxes for your specific goods and assist you in calculating the costs. With a thorough understanding of tariffs and taxes, we can handle your shipments as efficiently as possible and save costs where feasible.

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