Standard containers are the cornerstone of the international shipping industry. They provide a standardized size and are suitable for transporting various types of goods. At Stack Shipping, we understand the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to shipping your goods. That's why we offer high-quality standard containers designed to safely protect your goods during transport, anywhere in the world.

Safe Protection of Your Goods

Our standard containers are built according to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) and meet the strictest quality and safety requirements in the industry. They are made of durable steel and feature robust locking systems to ensure the security of your goods during transport. The standard container has a length of 20 feet (6.06 meters) or 40 feet (12.2 meters), a width of 8 feet (2.44 meters), and a height of 8.6 feet (2.59 meters). The interior of the container provides a usable height of 7.9 feet (2.39 meters). The maximum load capacity of a standard 20-foot container is approximately 28,260 kilograms (62,250 lbs), while a standard 40-foot container can carry up to approximately 26,730 kilograms (59,040 lbs), depending on the weight distribution and configuration of the cargo.

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Efficient Loading and Unloading

Our standard containers are designed with convenience in mind. They feature standard doors at one end, facilitating the loading and unloading of goods. The standardized dimensions allow for seamless loading onto ships, trains, and trucks, enabling smooth transitions between different modes of transportation. Additionally, the containers are equipped with internal lashing points to secure the cargo in place during transport. These features ensure efficient and secure loading, transportation, and unloading of goods, resulting in a streamlined logistics process.

Partnership with Experienced Shipping Lines and Transport Partners

At Stack Shipping, we understand that reliability and timely delivery are essential for your business. That's why we collaborate with experienced shipping lines and transport partners who have a proven track record in the industry. Our partners share the same commitment to quality and customer service, and we strive to provide a seamless experience when shipping your goods. With our extensive global network, we can efficiently and safely deliver your goods to their destination, anywhere in the world. Whether you need to ship goods within Europe, to Asia, America, or other continents, we have the logistical expertise and capacity to manage your shipments and ensure timely delivery of your goods.

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