At Stack Shipping, we understand the importance of safely and refrigeratedly transporting temperature-sensitive goods. That's why we offer refrigerated containers as a reliable solution for transporting your perishable or conditioned cargo. With our refrigerated containers, you can trust that your goods will remain under controlled temperatures from the point of loading to the final destination.

Optimal Temperature Control for Perishable Cargo

Our refrigerated containers are specifically designed to provide optimal temperature control for perishable cargo, such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive goods. They are equipped with advanced cooling systems that ensure precise temperature control and humidity control inside the container. This allows you to maintain the ideal conditions and preserve the quality and freshness of your goods during transport.

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Reliable Cooling Technology and Monitoring

Our refrigerated containers utilize reliable cooling technology to maintain the desired temperature. They are equipped with advanced sensors and monitoring systems that continuously monitor the temperature and other parameters. This allows us to detect any deviations promptly and take corrective measures to ensure temperature stability. Additionally, our refrigerated containers have backup systems to ensure temperature preservation even in case of power outages.

Flexible Temperature Settings and Load Capacity

Our refrigerated containers offer flexible temperature settings to meet the specific requirements of your cargo. They can be set to different temperature ranges, ranging from deep frozen to chilled. Additionally, they have ample load capacity to meet your shipping needs. Whether you have small shipments or need to transport larger volumes, we have the right refrigerated container for your cargo.

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